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    ไม่ระบุชื่อผู้แต่ง (โรงพิมพ์ประชาช่าง, 201-09-15)

    ผศ.ดร.วิพุธ อ่องสกุล คณบดีคณะบริหารธุรกิจ สถาบันบัณฑิตพัฒนบริหารศาสตร์ (นิด้า) ร่วมกับ บุษบา พิบูลชล นายกสมาคมศิษย์เก่าบริหารธุรกิจ, อำนวย กาญจโนภาศ ประธานกรรมการที่ปรึกษาสมาคมศิษย์เก่า แถลงข่าว "50th NIDA MBA BIKE&RUN" ครบรอบ50ปีนิด้าในวันที่ 29 พ.ย.
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    The Role of the Family in Child Sexual Abuse 

    Nathaporn Yiemchavee (NIDA, 1/11/18)

    This research aimed 1) to study the situation of sexual abuse problem with children. 2) to study the role of the family in child care before the sexual abuse. 3) to study the management of child during sexual abuse and 4) to study the role of the family members in managing problems when children were sexually abused. The research was conducted through a qualitative approach, in which documentary study and in-depth interview were used. Key-informants covered two groups: one group of 12 children aged 11-15 years who were sexually abused and went ...
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    Management of Waste Residues from Recycling Business in Suea Yai Uthit Area, Bangkok  


    The study aimed to 1) study the management of solid waste residues from solid waste separation business in Suea Yai Uthit Area 2) investigate factors affecting solid waste separation business in Suea Yai Uthit Area 3) suggest guidelines for managing solid waste residues. This study is a qualitative research. Data collection was conducted by studying not only related literature reviews but also interviewing and observating three groups of key informants as follows 1) solid waste recycling business entrepreneurs (8 entrepreneurs) 2) policy makers ...
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    Motivation toward Work, Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Performance Effectiveness of Working People 

    Rawinporn Suwannarattana (NIDA, 1/17/18)

    The objectives of this research were to study the relationships among motivation toward work, organizational citizenship behavior and performance effectiveness of working people and investigate the predictive power of motivation toward work and organizational citizenship behavior on performance effectiveness. The sample of this research consisted of 401 working people who were newly graduate students and current students from School of Human Resource Development and School of Public Administration. Data were collected by questionnaires: personal ...
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    Nathsinee Chinthanapoompaisal (NIDA, 1/24/18)

    The study was aimed to develop indicators for business continuity management of Thai convention venues under crisis. The objectives were: 1) to explore the literature about the indicators for business continuity management of Thai convention venues under crisis; 2) to analyze the indicators for business continuity management of Thai convention venues under crisis; and, 3) to confirm the proposed indicators for business continuity management of Thai convention venues under crisis. The research design was a mixed methodology combining the quantitative ...
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    Management of Common-pool Resources: Case Studies of Community Forests in Thepsathit District Chaiyaphum Province 

    Patcharin Choksiri (NIDA, 1/5/18)

    Education Management of Common-pool Resources: Case Studies of Community Forests in Thepsathit District The purpose is to study the nature of collaborative management of community forest management. Study of the application of Elinor Ostrom's collaborative resource management concepts in sustainable forest management for sustainable communities. Study on consistency and differences in community forest management in each community forest project. And to find ways to develop the community forest management system in Thep Sathit District, Chaiyaphum ...
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    Patipan Sae-Lim (NIDA, 10/10/17)

    Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) nowadays is a tool for preventive loss for listed-companies due to the volatility of the external environment. Moreover, apart from being a preventive tool, ERM is more important and posits as a compulsory system for alignment to a regulatory base for listed-companies driven from the issues of a lack of corporate governance (CG), historically, from well-known organizations: World-com, Enron, Volkswagen and so on. Even though, ERM is a vital tool for preventing organizational loss as well as for the alignment of ...
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    Maliha Abubakari (NIDA, 10/10/17)

    Economic growth and poverty reduction have generally recorded monumental gains in the last two decades globally. On the other hand, worldwide regional inequality has widened considerably. In the year 2009, spatial or regional inequality was one of the major themes of the World Development Report. Similarly, Goal 10 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals aims at reducing inequalities within and among countries. These examples point to the relevance of issues of inequalities in contemporary global discourse on development. This study ...
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    Bunthoeurn Sen (NIDA, 10/13/17)

    While there have been empirical support for women to join in labor force market in order to improve gender equality and social economic development, the empirical study of its spillover effect on the household conflict is still not so many observe and ambiguous. The negative effect of household conflict is strongly on the economic development as it pay with high cost of health care as well as future generation in both education and health care. In Cambodia, the rate of domestic violence is dramatically increasing. Using cross sectional data from ...
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    Sanhapas Laowattanabhongse (NIDA, 10/18/17)

    Over the past two decades, the impact of bank competition to financial stability as well as to economic growth has been the center of interest for both academicians and practitioners. The recent financial crises throughout the globe further exhibit the urgent need to conclude the relationship between (1) bank competition and financial stability and (2) bank competition and economic growth. This dissertation, therefore, attempts to fill in the literature gap of both competition-stability and competition-growth nexuses by using a sample of 81 ...
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    An Analysis of Occupational, Safety and Environmental Management : A Case Study of a Petrochemical and Distillation Industry in Rayong Province  

    Tiwaporn Surapol (NIDA, 10/19/17)

       The objective of this research is to study effecting factors to the occupational safety and environmental management system and to offer guidance for improvement. Data were corrected through In-Depth interview, observation and documental review. Key informants were management executive,    contactor, local communities and government agencies. This research are qualitative research which applying the principle of Balanced Scorecard consists of four criteria including; effectiveness, stakeholder, management, learning and development.    The ...
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    Factors related to engagement among public health professionals with different employment status 

    Varaporn Saepung (NIDA, 10/19/17)

    One of the consequences of the bureaucratic reform in 2002 was the emergence of many different types of employment under the management of the Ministry of Public Health. As a result of limiting number of civil servants and increasing other types of employment in the hospital thus it brings up the personnel problems regarding compensation and benefit. The purpose of this research is to study the factors related to engagement among public health professionals with different employment status by analyzing the data from Engagement for Patient Safety ...
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    Guideline for Community Waste Bank Establishment and Management by Elderly: Case Study of Rachsathite Sub-District, Chaiyo District Angthong Province 

    Nichanan Patitas (NIDA, 10/24/17)

              The purposes of this study were to study opinions of elderly people and factors affecting the setup and management of waste bank project for elderly people. Reviews of relevant literatures, waste bank case studies, interviews to chief executive of Rachsathite Sub-district administration organization (SAO), related SAO staff, community leaders and elderly people were carried out. The potential of the setup waste bank project in the Rachsathite Sub-district and the Feasibility accounting four topics containing economic, culture, management ...
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    Analysis of Laws and Law Enforcement Concerning Air Pollution Emission Control in Petrochemical Industry 

    Jirachaya Singmanee (NIDA, 10/24/17)

    The study of “Analysis laws and law enforcement concerning air pollution emission control in petrochemical industry” aims to find out the gap of Thailand’s environmental legislation and to suggest possible processes to develop the air pollution from petrochemical industrial sector control laws. The target groups that researchers aim to study are Thai government sector dealing with the promotion of Thailand’s air pollution prevention related laws, private environmental organizations, and manufacturers, traders as well as the general public. This ...
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    Social Return on Investment of Organic Agriculture: A Case Study of Sampran Model 

    Nitikorn Pongpaiboon (NIDA, 10/24/17)

    This study aims to assess the Social Return on Investment from organic agriculture, a case study of Sampran Model, to study factors affecting successful organic agriculture and to propose appropriate guidelines for organic agriculture. Interviews with 32 stakeholders including the managing director of Sampran Riverside Hotel, representatives of agriculturists who are members of the eleven agricultural groups and twenty consumers in Sookjai market were carried out. Data was analyzed to access the Social Return on Investment of organic agriculture ...
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    Factor Affecting to Behaviour of the Foreign Women Traveler in Bangkok 

    Narinsiree Chiangphan (NIDA, 10/25/17)

    The objectives of this research are to 1) explore the demographic, push motivation, pull motivation, past-experience, and traveling constraint 2) study the influence of demographic, push motivation, pull motivation, past-experience, and traveling constraint toward tourist behavior of foreign women travelers in Bangkok. This research used questionnaires to collect the data from 325 foreign women travelers in Bangkok. The data were analyzed by frequency, percentage, mean, and standard deviation. One-Way ANOVA statistic was used to test the variance ...
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    Counting the Persciption for Making a Complaint in the Compoundable Offense in the Case of Injured Person is the Lack of Ability. 

    Rangsima Darapong (NIDA, 10/27/17)

    This Thesis is prepared for the purpose of study of the problems on counting prescription for making complaints in the compoundable offenses in the case where the injured persons are the persons with lack of ability. The Researcher has studied concepts, theories, and legal principles in relation to the compoundable offenses, namely, making complaints, filing legal proceedings, conducting legal proceedings, prescription, and counting the prescription in the case where the injured persons are the persons with lack of ability in Thailand and foreign ...
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    Legal Liability of Medical Tourism Facilitator 

    Noppatsorn Sornkom (NIDA, 10/4/17)

    This research aims to study legal liabilities of Medical Tourism Facilitator from damage caused by unqualified operations to the customers and analyze qualifications and qualities of such business to create legal standards for business operations and scope legal liabilities and supervised agency for such business. By studying relevant laws and regulations currently enacted in Thailand and overseas countries such as Republic of Korea and State of Israel to provide suggestions on how to protect foreign customers who use Medical Tourism Facilitator services ...
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    Legal Problem about Light Pollution from Advertisement. 

    Chakrit Imcharoenkul (NIDA, 10/4/17)

    This thesis aims to study legal measures regarding to the management of light pollution from advertisement in Thailand including to the source of problem, Impact and legal measures on the management of light pollution from advertisement abroad, such as the United States, Spain and Slovenia. By adopting the legal measures of the three countries to compare with the current Thai legal measures currently in force to improve, enforce effectively. Reason for choosing to study about light pollution from advertisement. Because of the current problem of ...
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    Pongsan Sanyakamdhorn (NIDA, 10/4/17)

    This paper presents a study of willingness to pay of Thai population to preserve historic temples in Chiang Saen, ancient city in Chiang Rai, Thailand as those temples are at risk of degradation and deterioration.  This study aims to estimate the factors that affect willingness to pay of people for cultural heritage in Chiang Saen and to investigate willingness to pay and its attributions. The contingent valuation method was used as a valuation technique to conduct an economic valuation of non-market values of preservation of the ancient temples. ...