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    Factors involved with the cooperation of traffic police in accordance with law enforcement on road safety policy implementation : a case of non-helmet use among motorcyclists 

    Supachat Wechaporn; Prapon Sahapattana (National Institute of Development Administration, 2016)

    This study aims to analyze the causal relationship among three factors, viz. individual traffic police officers, police stations, and communities, and the impact of cooperation on road safety policy implementation on law enforcement as it relates to motorcyclists in Bangkok with no helmets. The population sample is composed of 342 traffic police officers in Bangkok’s Metropolitan Police Bureau generated from a multiple sampling technique. The study uses the methodology of a rating scale questionnaire (1-10) for SPSS correlation analysis and ...
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    Factors leading to work passion for innovative work behavior: case study of small hotel business in Thailand 

    Praweena Kasai; Wasita Boonsathorn (National Institute of Development Administration, 2017)

    The purposes of this research are to examine firstly, the meaning of innovation and how innovative work behavior is developed, secondly, the meaning of work passion for innovative work behavior among executives and employees in the small hotel business, thirdly, the factors leading to work passion for innovative work behavior, and lastly, the model of factors leading to work passion for innovative work behavior of executives and employees of the small hotel business.
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    Factors leading to work passion for successors in SMEs family business 

    Nattaporn Virunhagarun; Wasita Boonsathorn (National Institute of Development Administration, 2016)

    In the face of intense competition and rapidly changing market requirements, business must confront economic uncertainty, environmental risk, social change and other volatile forces. To execute successfully in this difficult environment, company must embrace a new way of thinking, one that makes human capital the centerpiece of their business strategy. Dynamic change demands robust human capital that is fully engage and agile, aggressively developed and skillfully deployed. Previous research suggested that work passion energizes motivation ...
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    Factors of faculty management affecting faculty engagement in Thai private universities 

    Naphat Wuttaphan; Chiraprapha Akaraborworn (National Institute of Development Administration, 2016)

    The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship among talent management, organizational citizenship behavior, work passion, and faculty engagement in order to develop faculty engagement model in Thai’s private universities. The benefit of this study can be used as a guideline to diagnose private universities for development and establish human resource development interventions as well as aimed to contribute knowledge of employee engagement in higher education as well as advance the field of human resource development knowledge.
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    Factors Affecting Transfer of Short-Training Program among Professional Nurses: The Nursing Department of King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital 

    Subhanee Khiawsom; สุภาณี เขียวสม; Oranuch Pruetipibultham; อรนุช พฤฒิพิบูลธรรม; Oranuch Pruetipibultham; อรนุช พฤฒิพิบูลธรรม (National Institute of Development Administration, 7/1/2022)

    The research study aimed to 1) study knowledge transfer from the training programs provided to the professional nurses 2) study the factors influencing knowledge transfer from the training programs provided to the professional nurses 3) study the relationship between the trainees’s characteristics factors, motivation factors, work environment factors and ability factors with transfer knowledge from these training programs 4) create an equation to predict knowledge transfer from these training programs based on the characteristics factors, motivation ...
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    Family communication patterns and digital literacy of digital natives in Bangkok 

    Suparak Chutrakul; Yubol Benjarongkij (National Institute of Development Administration, 2018)

    The study titled, “Family Communication Patterns and Digital Literacy of Digital Natives in Bangkok” has the objective to analyze factors affecting digital literacy of digital natives in Bangkok. The research utilized mixed methods research including qualitative research, in-depth interviews, and observation of digital natives aged 9 – 22 years and 30 parents in Bangkok. In addition a quantitative research was conducted using survey research with data collection from 400 respondents aged 9 – 22 years. The respondents are studying in primary ...
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    Feature selection using genetic algorithm 

    Kanyanut Homsapaya; Ohm Sornil (National Institute of Development Administration, 2017)

    In this dissertation, a method of feature selection in machine learning, and more particularly supervised learning is presented. Supervised learning is a machine learning task that infers answers from a training data set. In machine learning, training datasets are employed in order to create a model which enables reasonable predictions, while in supervised learning, each training example is a training set consisting of instances and labels, and the learning objective is to be able to predict the label of a new unseen instance with as few ...
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    Financial development and economic growth in Asia 

    Visamanh Sanaphanh; Yuthana Sethapramote (National Institute of Development Administration, 2020)

    This study has the propose to investigate the relationship between financial development and economic growth of overall countries in Asia, using the financial development indicators such as banking development indicators, stock market development indicators and economic growth taken as a panel data of all 48 countries in Asia that cover the period of 1975-2015. The study also proceeds the country-specific effects by applying panel data fixed effects methods, performing the causality test using panel var causality and apply the Generalized Method ...
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    Financial literacy, asymmetric information and credit accessibility: case study of Lao's small and medium enterprise 

    Vilasack Srithirath; Pariyada Sukcharoensin (National Institute of Development Administration, 2021)

    Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) is a fundamental part of economic growth worldwide, ensuring sustainable growth, job creation, reducing income inequality, poverty reduction and highly conductive to economic growth in the Lao PDR. However, consistently with other SMEs worldwide, SMEs in Laos are also confronting with many obstacles especially financial access. So, this study aims to investigate the impact of financial literacy, reduction in asymmetric information and credit access for SMEs in Lao PDR. The questionnaire used to survey the financial ...
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    Financial performance reporting : the effect of proposed financial statements on investors' operating performance evaluation judgments 

    Orapan Yolrabil; Somchai Supattarakul, advisor (National Institute of Development Administration, 2009)
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    Manwar Hossein Malla; Manwar Hossein Malla; Pairote Pathranarakul; ไพโรจน์ ภัทรนรากุล; National Institute of Development Administration. School of Public Administration; Pairote Pathranarakul; ไพโรจน์ ภัทรนรากุล (National Institute of Development Administration, 3/6/2022)

    This study investigates how fiscal policy and institutional factors influence income distribution within and across countries by employing the panel data technique for 117 countries over the period of 20 years (2000-2019). Based on the ordinary least squares, random effects, fixed effects, two-stage least squares, and system generalized method of moments techniques, the study established the following results. First, the results on the relationship between fiscal policy and income inequality showed that while a few fiscal policy instruments appear ...
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    Fiscal decentralization, local government performance, and inclusive growth 

    Thitinat Wiwatchankij; Chandra-nuj Mahakanjana (National Institute of Development Administration, 2020)

    This research studies the impacts of fiscal decentralization on local government performance and inclusive growth. The unit of analysis was 76 provinces in Thailand (all provinces with the exception of Bueng Kan), and the research period was 2010 to 2017. The analysis of the economic growth model indicates that fiscal decentralization, excluding grants had a negative relationship with economic growth with no statistical significance, while fiscal decentralization, including grants had a positive relationship with economic growth with no statistical ...
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    Fixed asset revaluation : management motivation and value relevance 

    Pisek Chainirun; Kanogporn Narktabtee, advisor (National Institute of Development Administration, 2006)
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    Flipped learning pedagogy in higher education : a policy framework for India 

    Sravat, Namita; Pairote Pathranarakul (National Institute of Development Administration, 2019)

    Nations need to ensure “inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all,” which is Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4), as outlined by the United Nations. While digital pedagogy in various forms will be the future of education requiring adjustments in teaching and learning methodologies, India is still dependent on traditional systems of teaching, i.e. delivering lectures in class. Students need to develop life-long learning skills for the ever-changing job requirements in this fast evolving world, ...
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    Flood tax for Thailand : The case study of Bangkok 

    Panyapat Anuwatkhunnatham; Udomsak Seenprachawong (National Institute of Development Administration, 2015)

    Thailand has been more likely to be effected by catastrophe events especially, flooding because of geographical reason and climate change situation. From flooding event in 2011 in Thailand, according to the World Bank with the confirmation of Thai Government, flooding has affected 3,151,224 people from 1,154,576 families and damage estimated of at least 185 billion baht. Employment has been hurt when factories flooded and workers were laid off or fired. Not all factories are expected to reopen causing significant long term job loss in Central ...
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    Food activity uniqueness for creative tourism development: a case study Chiang Mai, Thailand 

    Vongvipha Thosuwonchinda; Suwaree Namwong (National Institute of Development Administration, 2017)

    This study aimed to determine the components of Activity Uniqueness for Creative Tourism, consisting of three sub-components, namely Creative Activity, Create a Positive Distinctive Activity, and Five Sense Body and to find the relationship between the components and tourists’ perception of creative tourism activities. Activities of Thai cookery school course were focused on.  Presently, Thailand tourism emphasizes on promoting greater abstract images, such as Thailand: Land of Smile, Thainess, and Thai Hospitality. However, it still lacks ...
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    Forecasting government bond yields in Thailand 

    Wantana Buaban; Yuthana Sethapramote (National Institute of Development Administration, 2021)

    This dissertation aims to comprehensively investigates key macroeconomic factors and bond yield interaction in Thai bond market, and analyzes the impacts of both domestic and international economic factors on the fixed income yields in different maturities of 1-, 3-, 5-, 7-, and 10-year movements, as well as forecasts the future bond yields of different maturities with macroeconomy, including comparing the best predictive yields with each model. Through estimating VAR, Bayesian VAR, and Single Equation (SE) approaches as well as Random Walk (RW) ...
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    Forecasting of natural rubber bibbed smoked sheets no 3 (RSS3) price in the agricultural futures exchange of Thailand 

    Suppanunta Romprasert; Nada Chunsom, advisor (National Institute of Development Administration, 2009)

    The agricultural futures market affects the rubber price in Thailand. Rubber processors use the agricultural futures market to avoid risks associated with fluctuations in rubber price. Investors make profits from the difference between the current price and the future price. The paper presents the forecasting models for futures price of the natural rubber ribbed smoked sheets no.3 (RSS3). The results from the most efficient model can inform the decision of investors on buying and selling at the proper time. The study employs univariate criteria ...
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    From His Majesty the King's Resolution to an Institute for Development 

    Library and Information Center. National Institute of Development Administration (Library and Information Center, National Institute of Development Administration, 2022-01)

    The National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) was established on April 1, 1966 under the royal initiative of His Majesty King Bhumibhol Adulyadej to provide education in administration and development, to do research, and to promote higher technical and professional studies. From its inception to the present, the Institutie has maintained its reputation in development management. Its graduates have evidently built reputation by actively participating in all sectors of the society in both public and private sector. They have built a ...
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    Library and Information Center. National Institute of Development Administration (Library and Information Center, National Institute of Development Administration, 2022-01)

    In the past, the Metropolitan Electricity Authority charged the electricity fee based on electricity generating costs and profits. A major problem was that every rise in electricity fees required a Cabinet resolution, thereby leading to excessive announcements.In the 1970s and 1980s, however, the world oil price rose sharply, resulting in many Cabinet announcements to raise the price of electricity. Associate Professor Dr. Vichit Lorjirachunkul and Associate Professor Dr. Thiraphong Vikitset, two NIDA faculty members, thus proposed a formula to ...