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    Guidelines for the Development of Consumer Protection Law on Digital Content 

    Sakunphong Treesomphong; สกุลพงษ์ ตรีสมพงษ์; Bajrawan Nuchprayool; พัชรวรรณ นุชประยูร; Bajrawan Nuchprayool; พัชรวรรณ นุชประยูร (National Institute of Development Administration, 4/6/2021)

    This thesis aims is to study to investigate and suggest the guidelines for development of consumer protection laws on digital content by documented methods, study for the consumer protection laws on digital content, including enforcing Thai laws, International Laws and Foreign Law in comparative law perspective. The research is involved of the Definition and the scope of consumer protection on digital content, consumer protection on pre-contract and post-contract for the contract to supply digital content, standard for digital content and consumer ...