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    An assessment of the quality of life of the Thai elderly : a study of the uses of multi-dimensional indexes 

    Chanin Chareonkul (National Institute of Development Administration, 1993)

    The proportion and numbers of the population aged 60 years and above in the overall population structure of Thailand are increasing in the midst of rapid socio-economic and cultural changes. These changes inevitably affect the well-being of the Thai elderly. This study aimed to indentify significant domains of quality of life and the constituent factors that are appropriate for the elderly people in the Thai context. It was expected that this study would contribute to an increased awareness of the existing and potential needs of this segment of ...
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    Child labor force participation : a case study of rural households in Kanchanaburi Province 

    Uraiwan Amornimit (National Institute of Development Administration, 1997)

    In many less developed societies, children at young ages participate in the labor force. Although the extent of that participation has not been well documented, it is wildly known that the number is quite significantly large and the most important determinant of this phenomenon is poverty. / The objectives of this dissertation are to: (1) estimate the future trends of child labor participation both at national and Kanchanaburi provincial levels, (2) investigate the influence of various household factors such as demography, economy, sociology and ...
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    Estimation of parameters in a truncated gamma distribution with unknown truncation points 

    Prasert Ruannakarn (National Institute of Development Administration, 2003)
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    Health care seeking patterns and its implication on health expenditure in Thailand 

    Vipavee Pijitbundarn (National Institute of Development Administration, 1993)

    The objectives of this study are to estimate the number of ill persons and sources of midical care, to identify factors influencing the probability of seeking medical care, as well as to estimate the amount of expenditure for the outpatients, inpatients in public and private hospital. Secondary data were obtained from two major sources : The 1986 Health and Welfare Survey undertaken by the National Statistics Office and other national data from the National Economic and Social Development Board. Primary data about private hospital was assembled ...
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    Patterns and determinants of water consumption in Bangkok 

    Amnuay Saengnoree (National Institute of Development Administration, 1996)