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    Communication Efficiency of Digital Boards Indicating Air Quality at Maptaput Industrial Estate, Rayong 

    WESARATCH WARUTTAMAPONGPHAN; Chamlong Poboon (NIDA, 9/23/20)

    This study was designed by cross-sectional study to assess the communication efficiency of digital boards indicating air quality at Maptaput Industrial Estate in Rayong province. The data were collected by using questionnaire with 390 people living in with Huaypong, Mabtaput and Banchang subdistricts. The data were analyzed by descriptive statistics which are frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation (SD) and interferential statistics which are ANOVA t-Test and Pearson Correlation This study  found that the samples were 57.0 % male, ...
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    Panuwatt Ontes; Chamlong Poboon (NIDA, 9/12/20)

    This research aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of the waste minimization of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), study relevant factors, and propose an appropriate system of BMA's waste minimization (BMAWM). The data were collected through document research, participatory observation, and interviews with the BMA administrators and officers, and community leaders. Data analysis employed the CIPP-I framework for BMAWM evaluation, SWOT analysis for factor analysis, and Input-Process-Output (I-P-O) model for developing an appropriate ...
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    Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of Trat Special Economic Zone Development 

    Mavika Kamsanrat; Chamlong Poboon (NIDA, 7/9/20)

    The objectives of this research are 1) to study alternatives at the strategic level in the development of special economic zones in Khlong Yai District, Trat and 2) to assess the alternatives in terms of economic, social and environmental impacts as well as suggest the most suitable alternative. The study proposed 3 strategic development options: Alternative 1: Implementation of all plans and strategies, consisting of 4 target tasks; Alternative 2: focusing on the implementation of certain plans and strategies, consisting of 3 target tasks, ...
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    The performance of the environmental management of local governments in Thailand 

    Napawan Panya; Chamlong Poboon (National Institute of Development Administration, 2016)

    This study evaluated the performance of the environmental management of local governments (EMLG) in Thailand and examined the relationship between specific management factors (context, input, and process) and output . Data were collected by using questionnaires with 385 local governments consisting of municipalities and sub-district administration organizations (SAOs) selected by multistage sampling and systematic random sampling countrywide. In addition, the key informants’ interview, e.g. administrators and officials of local government ...