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    Community Rights and Public Participation in the Protection of Natural Heritage Areas. 

    Worapan Chauesoonthonsopon; Chanit Suntapan (NIDA, 7/31/19)

    This research aims to study the concepts, the theories, and the history of community rights and the participation of people in the protection of Natural World Heritage. This includes the study of international and foreign laws such as Australia’s law and India’ law in order  to compare with Thailand’s legal context. It analyses legal issues related to community rights and the participation of people in the protection of Natural World Heritage. The dissertation also provides recommendations to improve legal to be more appropriate for community ...
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    The Law of Volenti non fit injuria : A Comparative Study of Thai - United State  

    Phanupong Pongsachai; Chanit Suntapan (NIDA, 5/15/19)

    Volenti non fit injuria is a concept developed by the Roman legal system that focuses on the presentation of the intent of the person, in other words, if the person expresses his will, it must accept the result. The intent is whether the result is good or bad. The United States is one country that influenced the concept of Volenti non fit injuria of Roman law system, although inherited from England again. At present, the United States has enacted the provisions of Section 496A of the Restatement of law (Second), of tort, defining definitions and ...
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    Legal issues concerning the transfer of appropriations 

    Preekasem Pratchayapruit; Chanit Suntapan (NIDA, 5/2/19)

             To transfer annual expenditure is one of the most important process within executive department as a results, it increase flexibility and easiness responding both economic and social changing by governmental policy or social demand in order to maximize the benefits to society at large. Even money transaction required to change the definition in Budget Expenditure Transfer Act considered by legislative branch, though the predictable annual expenditure might be different. In case of that, to transfer annual expenditure is important mechanism ...
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    Legal Problems on Information Technology Management Justice Process  

    Thitiphong Phiwatwuttigul; Chanit Suntapan (NIDA, 5/14/19)

    The aim of this thesis is study the legal issues about information technology management. According to the National Institute of Justice Development Act, 2006, and the Guidelines for the Filing of Information Technology for the Republic of Korea and the United States of America. Include analysis of legal problems and obstacles, and find guidelines for measures to manage information technology. The National Justice Administration Development Act, 2006, is designed to provide the justice work needed to create order in society. Both in terms of ...