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    Attitudes and motivation in English language learning : A case study of Attarkiah Islamiah School 

    Hasnee Maduerawae; Kasma Suwanarak (National Institute of Development Administration, 2014)

    The research aims at studying the attitudes and motivation in English as a foreign language learning of Thai secondary school students. The study sits within the theoretical framework of constructivist theory taking into account Gardner’s attitude and motivation in language learning. The study considers students’ motivation in English language learning into 2 motives: instrumental and integrative motivation. Participants of this study are 239 Mathayomsuksa 5 students (Grade 11) and 10 English language teachers from Attarkiah Islamiah School. ...
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    English reading and writing integration : a thinking skill approach 

    Kasma Suwanarak (National Institute of Development Administration Press, 2017)

    This textbook focuses on the integration of reading and writing skills useful for graduate students and other people who expect not only to have higher-level reading and writing ability but also to be critical, analytical, thoughtful readers and to express themselves clearly and concisely in writing.
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    Environmental influences on competence in English as a foreign language : A study of Thai undergraduates at an international university in Thailand 

    Jirada Ueasiriwatthanachai; Kasma Suwanarak (National Institute of Development Administration, 2013)

    This study is designed in an attempt to examine the ideal and the actual university learning environment in relation to English language learning and to investigate the actual environmental influence on the students’ English language competence. This is to understand why a number of Thai university students of English-medium instruction programs are still unable to attain high levels of English proficiency despite engaging in an English-medium education system. An interpretive approach was used to conduct interviews with 10 teachers and 15 ...
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    Students and teacher's views on a multimodal approach to English reading skill development of Thai EFL students in a university context 

    Phaisan Phengsuai; Kasma Suwanarak (National Institute of Development Administration, 2019)

    This study aims to explore the NPRU students’ views on how English reading skills were taught through the use of a traditional teaching approach, investigate the NPRU students’ views on how the teacher teaches English reading skills through the use of a multimodal approach, and find out what the NPRU students and the teacher have experienced from the use of the two different approaches. The results from the use of questionnaire surveys and semi-structured interviews show that most students felt very uncomfortable with the use of the traditional ...
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    Chayanant Pitikornpuangpetch; Chayanant Pitikornpuangpetch; Kasma Suwanarak; กษมา สุวรรณรักษ์; National Institute of Development Administration. School of Language and Communication; Kasma Suwanarak; กษมา สุวรรณรักษ์ (National Institute of Development Administration, 12/8/2022)

    This study investigates Thai EFL teachers’ beliefs regarding the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) approach and the use of the CLT approach in a Thai university context. It aims to identify difficulties that Thai EFL teachers encounter when applying the CLT approach, and to explore Thai EFL teachers’ beliefs about CLT in relation to their teaching practices in the development of students’ communicative skills. The research tools consisted of survey questionnaires, semi-structured interviews, classroom observations, and fieldnotes.  The ...
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    Thai elf learners' and teachers' perceptions toward intercultural communicative competence: its roles and possibilities for integration into Thai elf classrooms 

    Kanchana Cheewasukthaworn; Kasma Suwanarak (สถาบันบัณพิตพัฒนบริหารศาสตร์, 2017)

    In light of the growing volume of communication between people from different cultural backgrounds around the globe at present, this mixed methods study aims to investigate how Thai learners and teachers of English understand and perceive the role of intercultural communicative competence (ICC) in their English language learning and teaching, respectively.