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    Second Language Comprehension in Multimedia Learning Material:A Case Study of Redundancy Principle and Modality Principle in Japanese Multimedia Material 

    Nattaya Hanrattanasakul; Tewich Sawetaiyaram (NIDA, 11/17/18)

    This study aims to assess Richard E. Mayer's Redundancy Principle and Modality Principle in  the multimedia program which provides information in Japanese. Participants consist of 120 Thais who learned Japanese as a second language. They were divided into three main groups : PT Group, PN Group and PNT Group. Each group consisting of 20 JLPT-N2 and 20 JLPT-N3 participants was instructed to view a multimedia program which contains identical contents but different components. The PT-Group viewed Picture-Text multimedia; the PN-Group viewed ...