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    Capacity of the planning agency and national development plan implementation effectiveness: a comparative study of Thailand and Malaysia 

    Patcharawan Ubonloet; Nattha Vinijnaiyapak (National Institute of Development Administration, 2020)

    The Economic Planning Unit or EPU of Malaysia and the Office of the National Economic and Social Development Board or the NESDB of Thailand play a major role in setting the direction of country development through national development plans. The objectives of this study were to study why the development outcomes of Malaysia are better than those in Thailand in many areas, especially after the 1997 financial crisis, and how organization theory contributes to development plan implementation and effectiveness evaluation. This research was qualitative ...
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    Production of industrial technician manpower in Thailand: problems and solutions 

    Bulanchai Udomariyasap; Nattha Vinijnaiyapak (National Institute of Development Administration, 2016)

    The purposes of this dissertation are, firstly, to study problems of the industrial technician production in Thailand and secondly, to analyze methods used to solve those problems.
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    The analysis of policy implementation effectiveness on national security policy in southernmost provinces of thailand 

    Natthinee Piyasiripon; Nattha Vinijnaiyapak (National Institute of Development Administration, 2015)

    This research study utilized policy implementation theories and models to test the factors affecting national security policy implementation effectiveness in the three Southernmost provinces of Thailand, namely Pattani, Yala, and Narathiwat. The objective of this study is to investigate the major factors which influence the effectiveness of the implementation of the National Security Policy, which is concerned with maintaining peace and order in the three provinces. The units of analysis of this study were the government officers as the ...
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    The evaluation of Thailand higher education quality assessment criteria : a case study of the office for national education standard and quality assessment (public organization) 

    Satayu Pattarakijkusol; Nattha Vinijnaiyapak (National Institute of Development Administration, 2014)

    This research studies ONESQA’s higher education assessment indicators which assess higher education quality in the third round of external assessment work (2011-2015). The 18 indicators consist of three groups: basic, distinctive identity, and advancement measurement. The researcher believes that appropriate assessment indicators would improve Thailand’s higher education quality, allowing Thai graduates to gain more competitiveness in the ASEAN labor market.