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    Factors involved with the cooperation of traffic police in accordance with law enforcement on road safety policy implementation : a case of non-helmet use among motorcyclists 

    Supachat Wechaporn; Prapon Sahapattana (National Institute of Development Administration, 2016)

    This study aims to analyze the causal relationship among three factors, viz. individual traffic police officers, police stations, and communities, and the impact of cooperation on road safety policy implementation on law enforcement as it relates to motorcyclists in Bangkok with no helmets. The population sample is composed of 342 traffic police officers in Bangkok’s Metropolitan Police Bureau generated from a multiple sampling technique. The study uses the methodology of a rating scale questionnaire (1-10) for SPSS correlation analysis and ...
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    The role of institutions in economic development among different developmental levels in Vietnam 

    Han, Nu Ngoc Ton; Prapon Sahapattana (National Institute of Development Administration, 2019)

    The world has witnessed remarkable development in Vietnam after the Vietnam War since the implementation of the Doi Moi Policy in 1986. The dissertation used a mixed method approach to explore the development in Vietnam. Initially, a developmental taxonomy was built to identify different developmental levels in Vietnamese provinces. Subsequently, panel regression was used to prove the causal relationship between institutional factors and economic development. In this stage, the study contributed a new argument for New Institutional Economics ...