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    Contentious identities of the mekong karaoke girls: a nexus analysis of social actions and a critical discourse analysis of ideologies 

    Worathanik Photijak; Savitri Gadavanij (National Institute of Development Administration, 2017)

    This dissertation examines the social actions and discourses of the Mekong karaoke girls focusing on contentious Identity construction and ideologies within the liminality of the Mekong border karaoke bars and Khong Chiam community settings. The study triangulates Critical Discourse Analysis and Nexus Analysis. The first trajectory of nexus analysis, historical body is supported with bodily capital concept; the second trajectory of interaction order is relied on Goffman concept of situated activity system, and the third trajectory is analyzed ...
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    Development discourses in the context of mekong hydropower development: a critical discourse analysis 

    Woraya Som-Indra; Savitri Gadavanij (National Institute of Development Administration, 2017)

    The study investigates the notions of “development” in the context of Mekong Hydropower Development. Through the lens of Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA), the study aims to examine 1) What are the notions of Development constituted in the context of Mekong hydropower dams found in the news articles? 2) What are the discursive strategies employed to establish the notions of development in such context? 3) What are contending discourses generated under development discourses in such context? 108 extracts of news related to Mekong hydropower ...