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    Economic Value of Degradation of Water Resource Input into Bhumipol Dam and The Need for Nature Steward in The Northern Thailand 

    Niponpan Sasidhorn; Sompote Kunnoot (NIDA, 6/24/19)

    This research is intended to provide an analysis for the change in the quantity of water resource input of Bhumipol Dam over the period between 1997 and 2016. The analysis involves the modeling of the trend, the computation of the quantity of the changes, and the valuation of the changes. It was found that the water resource input of Bhumipol Dam drawn into the Ping River from the northern part of Thailand had been increasingly enriched between 1997 – 2006, but experienced endured degradation between 2007 – 2016. The economic value of the loss ...
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    Projection of Change in the Quantity of Carbondioxides of Thailand Following Changes in Economic Factors, Sources, and Population over the Period of 10 Years 

    Waratip Wattanawinitchai; Sompote Kunnoot (NIDA, 10/8/19)

    The release of CO2 of Thailand has increased 1.96 folds from 161,154 Kilo tons to 316,213 Kilo tons over 20 years between years 1995 to 2014. The sources of CO2 are manufacturing, electricity generation, transport, and others, which in 1995 accounts for 22.75 %, 37.79 %, 33.43 % and 6.02 % respectively, and in 2014 accounts for 20.89 %, 46.60 %, 24.27 % and 7.79 % respectively. The aim of this study was to project the volume of Thailand’s economy to be used for the projection of the quantity of CO2 for years 2015-2025, using trend equations ...