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    A comparative study of policy process between One Tambon Product (OTOP) of Thailand and One Village One Product (OVOP) 

    Watunyu Jaiborisudhi; Surasit Vajirakachorn (National Institute of Development Administration, 2019)

    The study examines processes of policy agenda, policy formulation and policy implementation between OTOP policy and OVOP policy. The process of policy agenda is analyzed using John Kingdon's multiple streams model, the process of policy formulation is analyzed using the iron triangle model, and the process of policy implementation is analyzed using the top - down and the bottom - up approach. The three principles of OVOP movement are further brought to analyze OTOP policy process. The were as follow: 1) The comparative analysis of policy ...
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    Disaster mitigation: the integration of inter-organizational according to public disaster prevention and mitigation strategy plan to encourage earthquake readiness in Chiangrai province 

    Sirinon Suwanmolee; Surasit Vajirakachorn (National Institute of Development, 2017)

    The objectives of this dissertation were 1) To study the problem condition and obstacles in Chiangrai earthquakes mitigation according to disaster prevention and mitigation strategy plan. 2) To study the actors in local, provincial and national levels of policies network in Chiangrai earthquakes mitigation 3) To study the guideline to integrate coordination between organizations involved in the earthquakes mitigation in Chiangrai. Data collection started from qualitative research followed by quantitative research.