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    Guidelines for Amendments to the Law on Public Vehicle Safety 

    Pomrudee Kumpant; Varaporn Vanaphituk (NIDA, 2/22/19)

              This doctoral thesis, entitled “Guidelines for Amendments to the Law on Public Vehicle Safety”, aims to identify ways to improve public vehicle safety in Thailand. The researcher in this study focused on four important domains: driving licences and public driving licences; driving duration and driving record; component parts and equipment of public transport and concession; and duties and liabilities of public vehicle drivers and operators. By taking into account related concepts, the theories and legal regulations of Thailand ranging ...
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    Legal Measures for Animal Protection and Animal Welfare from Public Display or Exhibitions 

    Kanlayanee Theerawongpinyo; Varaporn Vanaphituk (NIDA, 5/17/19)

              The objectives of this research were the following: 1) to study meanings, concepts, and principles of animal protection and welfare provisions used with animals in shows; 2) to investigate legal measures and animal welfare provisions that apply to animals in shows in the United States, Australia, and Singapore; 3) to study the legal status of animals in foreign countries and in Thailand related to issues of exhibiting animals in shows and the scope of law enforcement scope as well issues related to limiting the rights and freedoms of ...