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    Analysis on The Management of Copyright Collective Management Organizations 

    Napak Lousuebsakul; Wariya Lamlert (NIDA, 8/2/19)

    The purpose of this thesis is to study the of collective management system which is carried out by the Collective Management Organizations (CMOs). This was done by surveying background, concept of collective management, the various kinds of CMOs and their functions, including the applicable law that can be implemented to the royalty collection in order to analyze the appropriate guidelines for the collective management which is undertaken by the CMO and the law applicable to this issue for the purpose of establishing the CMO in Thailand as well ...
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    Legal Measure for the protection on choreographer right 

    Supattra Kumpa; Wariya Lamlert (NIDA, 8/2/19)

    The primary purposes of this research are (1) to study the concept of theory of copyright protection of choreographers, (2) to investigate and compare the Laws of Thailand regarding the creative level of choreography by comparing studies with the international law, (3) to study and analyze the protection of Choreographers’ rights that are currently protected by copyright laws in Thailand by making comparisons between copyright laws of Thailand and international copyright law abroad (United States and Australia), and (4) to find solutions and ...
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    Transformative Works 

    Chompunuch Sirisawat; Wariya Lamlert (NIDA, 4/29/19)

    Transformative works is a principle that has been used in a court procedure of the United States of America separately from derivative works. This urges creativity. This creates space for creators to use copyrighted work to create another work by producing from the original copyrighted works without considering as copyright infringement. The fact that the USA uses the Transformative Works principle in deciding the case enables us to see the viewpoint of copyright law in protecting Derivative Works more widely. From the study, it was found that ...