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    Online Buying Behavior and Digital Marketing Communication Persons with Visual Impairment 

    Thitirat Hannarong; ฐิติรัตน์ หาญณรงค์; Bu-nga Chaisuwan; บุหงา ชัยสุวรรณ; National Institute of Development Administration. The Graduate School of Communication Arts and Management Innovation; Bu-nga Chaisuwan; บุหงา ชัยสุวรรณ (National Institute of Development Administration, 7/1/2023)

    This is a qualitative research where data collection was carried out using in-depth interview method.  The sample group consisted of 21 persons who are fully and/or partially blind.  The objective of this research was to study the behavior, needs and doubts of vision impaired persons from generations X, Y and Z in making online purchases and their expectations on communications for online marketing that helps them in making online purchases.  The interviewee must be a person that makes online purchase at least once a month.  The research results ...