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    Protection of Geographical Indications in Case of Community Migration 

    Ratachai Sukrungruangrong; รัฐชัย สุขรุ่งเรืองรอง; Wariya Lamlert; วริยา ล้ำเลิศ; National Institute of Development Administration. The Graduate School of Law; Wariya Lamlert; วริยา ล้ำเลิศ (National Institute of Development Administration, 7/1/2022)

    The protection of the Thai geographical indications emphasizes the protection of community rights over the joint use of geographical indications by the persons living in the community whose production of geographical indications is essential. However, the law protecting Thailand's current geographical indications, which is carried out under the agreement that intellectual property rights in trade or travel are prohibited from using the words "kind", "type", "style" or the words that are meant to be similar to these words and that are composed of ...
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    การคุ้มครองสิ่งบ่งชี้ทางภูมิศาสตร์ เพื่อการพัฒนาอย่างยั่งยืน:ศึกษาตามความตกลงทริปส์ 

    ภัทรพร เย็นบุตร; วริยา ล้ำเลิศ (สถาบันบัณฑิตพัฒนบริหารศาสตร์, 2018)

    Protection of geographical indications requires international law consistent with the principles of sustainable development, i.e. balance between economic, social, and environmental. As the knowledge acquired from the natural resources and environment in the designation of origin belongs to each community. If it is protected only by the domestic law of such designation of origin, community producing products may be abused by other countries that unfairly exploit the reputation of the community's geographical indication in commercial purpose. In ...