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    Approaches to Developing Factors Affecting to Selecting Green Hotel 

    Sawarin Nilauthai; Sangkae Punyasiri (NIDA, 10/8/19)

    This study: Approaches to Developing Factors Affecting to Selecting Green Hotel is Mixed Method Research based on the Quantitative Research and Qualitative Research that has purposes to study the characteristics, behaviours affacting to selecting green hotel, the environmental factors affecting to the selecting decision of foreign tourists's viewpoints for green hotel and to study approaches to developing factors affecting to selecting green hotel. Quantitative Research collected data by a questionnaire from foreign tourists of green hotel in ...
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    Better business better life 

    Orose Leelakulthanit (Chulalongkorn University Printing House, 2018)
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    Branding process and Online Marketing Communication for organic farming of Smart Farmer 

    Surachai Srinorachan; Bu-nga Chaisuwan (NIDA, 5/9/19)

    Media influencing informational distribution in the era of rapidly changing. Especially online media for distribution of agricultural products. This research is an alternative to encourage farmers turned to use more online media. Therefore, this research focuses on branding process, online communication channels of organic products, including consumer satisfaction in organic products. Three awardee farmers of “Farmers love homeland" in 3 provinces as follow: Chiang Rai, Nakhon Ratchasima, and Ratchaburi province were considered as the sample. ...
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    Competemcy Development Guidelines of Tour Guides for Creative Tourism Service in Thailand 

    Pornpisut Phamornsiritrakul; Worarak Sucher (NIDA, 7/26/19)

    The mixed method research entitled “Guidelines for Desired Tour Guide Competency Development for Thailand’s Creative Tourism” aimed to: 1) study current factors of tour guide competency; 2) evaluate desired tour guide competency for Thailand’s creative tourism; and 3) propose guidelines for desired tour guide competency development for Thailand’s creative tourism. The data was compiled from interviewing with 10 cases of tour guide and thematic analysis was applied for data analysis. Subsequently, the qualitative results derived from the interview ...
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    Customs business partnership : a case study of China customs and Thai customs 

    Shujie Zhang; Tippawan Lorsuwannarat (National Institute of Development Administration, 2014)

    This study examines the relationship, transactions, and interactions between Customs and business in regulating, controlling, and processing cross-border trade movement and safeguarding national security. More specifically, theoretical and practical dimensions on Customs-business partnership (CBP) are studied within the broader context of administrative reform and Customs modernization since the 1990s in China Customs and Thai Customs.
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    The Development Guideline on Service Competencies of Low Cost Airline Ground Staffs : A Case Study of Phuket International Airport 

    Kittiphich Noothong; Paithoon Monpanthong (NIDA, 3/27/19)

    The objectives of this research were 1) to study the confidence of passengers affecting the service quality of low cost airline ground staffs, 2) to evaluate the competencies for service capabilities of low cost airline ground staffs, 3) to be a guideline for developing the capacity of low cost airline ground staffs. The sample used in the research was 400 Thai passengers who received services from low cost airline ground staffs at phuket international airport which was a quantitative research. The statistics used in data analysis were frequency, ...
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    The development guidelines to enhance the competitiveness of the tourism industry Uttaradit 

    Weerasak Yungyuen; Kassara Sukpatch (NIDA, 6/7/19)

    This research aims to study “A Guidelines for developing the level of competitiveness of tourism industry in Uttaradit Province”. The objective of this research are three main that learn about the relationship between the factors of management and competitiveness. This research need to present about the factors of management that make competitiveness. In term of  quantitative data were collected by using the questionnaire from 151 Thai persons who work in organization of tourism industry at Uttaradit province for this quantitative research. The ...
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    The Development Potential of Spiritual Tourism Chiang Mai Case Study 

    SARUNPORN SURAVICHAI; Suwaree Namwong (NIDA, 8/9/19)

    The main aim of this study is to investigate the development potential of spiritual tourism. To achieve the research aim, four objectives were raised: 1) to inquired the opinion about Spiritual activity leader of spiritual tourism destinations: 2) to inquired the opinion about attraction of spiritual tourism destinations: 3) to inquired the opinion about facilities of spiritual tourism destinations: 4) to inquired the opinion about ancillary of spiritual tourism destinations. This study was conducted with qualitative research methodology by using ...
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    Factors influencing information technology adoption in chinese retailing pharmacy sector: a case study from Huaian city, China 

    Zhang, Su; Chih-cheng Fang (National Institute of Development Administration, 2018)

    In modern society, information technology plays an important role in the field of health care. This study first explored the UTAUT (Unified Theory Acceptance and Use of Technology) to study Chinese Retailing Pharmacy Sector’s IT adoption in new mandatory context. By constructing research model Pharmacy-UTAUT, the author tried to find out the core factors influencing IT adoption, the moderators affecting the strength of relationships between variables and the new model’s explanatory power. Pharmacy-UTAUT incorporates two constructs (attitude and ...
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    A Guideline of Tourism Interpretation Development in Tourism Historical Site: A Case Study of Phnom Rung Historical Park, Chaloem Phra Kiat District, Buriram Province. 

    Napharat Yooprasert; Paithoon Monpanthong (NIDA, 7/4/19)

    This research aims to study "A Guideline of Tourism Interpretation Development in Tourism Historical Site: A Case Study of Phnom Rung Historical Park, Chaloem Phra Kiat District, Buriram Province". The objective of this research are 1) to study the context of interpretation management in Phnom Rung Historical Park, 2) to study the travel behavior and the tourists' needs for the interpretation management in Phnom Rung Historical Park, 3) to evaluate the potentials of interpretation management in Phnom Rung Historical Park, and 4) to evaluate ...
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    Sippavit Wongsuwatt; Sid Suntrayuth (NIDA, 8/6/19)

    Research on the role of risk perception and proactive behavior on firm performance has gained importance, but little is known about how the types of firm and different roles of managers might influence the outcomes of firm performance when they perceive risk and take proactive actions. This study aimed to investigate the effects of firms’ perceived risk on managers and their proactive behaviors and the effects of firm managers’ proactive actions on firm performance in terms of financial performance and risk management concepts. Using a questionnaire ...
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    Chuthin Thanasarnaksorn; Sid Suntrayuth (NIDA, 6/12/19)

    The internet has changed the way business is conducted and the current online retail environment has presented new opportunities for both retailers and consumers. Regionally, Thailand was ranked number one in South East Asia in terms of online retail value. In addition, the popular channel for online information gathering is via social media and Thailand’s usage rate of social media is higher than the average global number. With the above information, it makes Thailand an interesting place to further investigate both social media and the online ...
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    Loyalty Creation Guidelines for Culinary Tourism in Thailand Through the Experiential Value 

    Krittidetch Anan; Kassara Sukpatch (NIDA, 6/5/19)

              The objectives of this study are 1) to study the factors related to Experiential Value for culinary tourism in Thailand 2) to study the factors that influence the loyalty of culinary tourists in Thailand 3) to propose ways to create loyalty guidelines for culinary tourism in Thailand through Experiential Value.           This research is a quantitative research by collecting data from the sample group, Europeans tourists traveling to Thailand and interested in Thai food or participating in activities related to Thai food at least 1 ...
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    Management  Potential Development Guidelines of the Regional Secondary Airport to Sustainability in the Southern part of Thailand 

    Boonnawat Srikhwan; Worarak Sucher (NIDA, 9/25/19)

    The study of management potential in secondary airport in Thailand has found that the potential of secondary airport must be significantly encouraged and developed. They need to establish plans and policies for development including infrastructure, facilities and security of the airport. In addition, the potential of staffs in the airport must also be improved to be ready to work and airports always have to cooperate with others both domestic and international airports. Furthermore, they need to develop the transportation and accessibility to be ...
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    Xianglin Qian; Renliang Li (NIDA, 9/10/19)

    China Yiwu International Trade City Thailand Pavilion development strategy research has two main purposes: 1) to understand the Chinese people's perception and recognition to Thai goods, 2) to develop the Thai Pavilion's market strategy to promote the development of the Thailand Pavilion. This study adopts a combination method of quantitative research and qualitative research. Quantitative research mainly uses questionnaires to conduct random questions and answers among 200 customers in Yiwu International Trade City, China. During a period from ...
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    Safety Image, Perception of Safety Management and Loyalty of Chinese Free and Independent Travelers in Bangkok 

    Boonrada Panyarak; Rugphong Vongsaroj (NIDA, 9/27/19)

        The purposes of this study were to 1) compare the image safety of Chinese Free and Independent Travelers when traveling to Bangkok categorized by personal factors and traveling behavior, 2) compare the perception of safety management of Chinese Free and Independent Travelers when traveling to Bangkok categorized by personal factors and traveling behavior, and 3) examine the influence that the perception of safety management in tourism has on the tendency of loyalty of Chinese Free and Independent Travelers  when traveling to Bangkok. This ...