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    A structural equation model of business ethics organization culture employee engagement and job performance of flight attendant 

    Jitti Jitklongsub; Chokechai Suveatwatanakul (National Institute of Development Administration, 2019)

    The objectives of this research were to study and verify structural equation model of business ethics, organization culture, employee engagement and job performance of flight attendants. The sample group comprised of premium airlines’ flight attendants. The multiple variables were 10-20 times of observed variables. Since 16 observed variables were set in this research, the sample group size was determined as 20 times of variables. Thus, the appropriate sample group size was at least 320 cases. To ensure that congruence test of empirical data ...
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    Impact of leader-member exchange, communication, and corporate social responsibility on employee performance and turnover intention : a case study of True Corporation Public Company Limited 

    Ekasit Kansuwiro; Boon-Anan Phinaitrup (National Institute of Development Administration, 2019)

    During this digital disruption era, many organizations have to prepare themselves to be ready for coping with all the changes. One of the approaches that many organizations choose to perform is to create workforce flexibility by recruiting employees as short-term contract. The other approach is to replace some jobs that are currently performed by human with automation or robot. Anyway, many research papers found that jobs that will continue being performed by human are those jobs that require human skill, for example customer service or sales ...
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    The effect of business ethics towards firm performance: publicly listed firms on the stock exchange of Thailand 

    Areerat Leelhaphunt; Sid Suntrayuth (National Institute of Development Administration, 2017)

    Recently, there have been many embezzlement scandals relating to some publicly listed firms, especially in that they were caused by the authority in the organization. As a consequence, huge damage has been caused to people, and the country. Moreover, ethical failure in leadership at the managerial level is still active in order to seek short-term gains, even if it leads to a loss of future business opportunities. In terms of supervising and leading any ethical corporate business practice, it requires the combined factors of ethical ...