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    Anomaly pattern detection in CSMBS health benefits using Decision tree 

    Runya Phraewphiphat; Arnond Sakworawich (NIDA, 4/20/19)

    This research is aimed to studying the pattern of the reimbursement anomaly under civil servant medical benefit scheme by considering three factors i.e., behavior of drug use, disease, and level of hospital. In the first step, retrospective data is used to predict the frequency of visits by using negative binomial regression and to forecast each time's severity by using multiple regression. With this step, it is able to predict frequency and severity but unable to detect frequency and severity anomaly. The next step, research on abnormalities ...
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    Experiential Marketing with Virtual Reality Technology for Customer Condominium Purchase Intention 

    Nattawat Koonanaksin; Pornpun Prajaknate (NIDA, 8/9/19)

    The study of Experiential Marketing with Virtual Reality Technology for Customer Condominium Purchase Intention is aimed to 1) examines the perception of virtual reality experiential marketing, and 2) study the purchase intention of condominiums through intervention. The study used an experimental research methodology to study forty 26-year-old subjects who had 20,000-baht monthly income and worked in the field of business computer within the Bangkok area. The intervention used in the experiment included a virtual reality and a 2D video. The ...
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    Nuanphan Kaewpanukrangsi; Chutisant Kerdvibulvech (NIDA, 5/22/19)

    Arm swing is a well-known exercise practiced throughout Asia. The benefits of regular exercise affect a person’s gait, shoulder function as well as head and body strength.  This research presents a new study of gesture-based interaction by using arm swing as a gestural input command applied to any digital device used by people aged 21 to 50 years of age during their workday. After selecting five different occupations, i.e., student, lecturer, office worker, designer and industrial worker, their different routine tasks were studied.  The sampling ...
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    Legal Problems on Information Technology Management Justice Process  

    Thitiphong Phiwatwuttigul; Chanit Suntapan (NIDA, 5/14/19)

    The aim of this thesis is study the legal issues about information technology management. According to the National Institute of Justice Development Act, 2006, and the Guidelines for the Filing of Information Technology for the Republic of Korea and the United States of America. Include analysis of legal problems and obstacles, and find guidelines for measures to manage information technology. The National Justice Administration Development Act, 2006, is designed to provide the justice work needed to create order in society. Both in terms of ...
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    Trading Strategies Using Candlestick Characteristics 

    Siriporn Thammakesorn; Ohm Sornil (NIDA, 2/25/19)

    Candlestick chart patterns are widely used in stock trading decisions. Patterns of candlestick series are found to provide hints for the price of the next one. This research proposes a technique to generate stock trading strategies employing features which are shown to effectively recognize patterns in candlestick charts. The features are combined into a tree-like trading strategy using the Chi-square Automatic Interaction Detector algorithm. The technique is evaluated using actual stocks from Stock Exchange of Thailand. The results show that the ...