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    Problems of return asset connected with the commission of an offense to the injured person in a predicate offense Under the Anti-Money Laundering Act, 1999 

    Chaleaw Phromphinit; เฉลียว พรหมพินิจ; Kiarttiphorn Umpai; เกียรติพร อำไพ; Kiarttiphorn Umpai; เกียรติพร อำไพ (National Institute of Development Administration, 7/1/2022)

    Anti-Money Laundering Act, B.E. 2542 mainly focuses on protecting the right of an damaged persons caused by the predicate offence, but the Act hasn’t yet determined the meaning of an damaged persons, so there is no clearly guideline to consider the being of an damaged persons in this Act, and must be conducted simultaneously with the filing of the petition to the court ordered the assets related to the offense of vested state. Which makes damaged persons caused by the predicate offence not truly protected their rights. From studies, The law on ...