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    Fiscal decentralization, local government performance, and inclusive growth 

    Thitinat Wiwatchankij; Chandra-nuj Mahakanjana (National Institute of Development Administration, 2020)

    This research studies the impacts of fiscal decentralization on local government performance and inclusive growth. The unit of analysis was 76 provinces in Thailand (all provinces with the exception of Bueng Kan), and the research period was 2010 to 2017. The analysis of the economic growth model indicates that fiscal decentralization, excluding grants had a negative relationship with economic growth with no statistical significance, while fiscal decentralization, including grants had a positive relationship with economic growth with no statistical ...
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    Intergovernmental networks in Thailand : the initiative in Lampang, Kanchanaburi, and Rayong Provinces 

    Atchara Worasinchai; Chandra-nuj Mahakanjana, advisor (National Institute of Development Administration, 2011)

    One of the important roles of local government in Thailand is “public service.” In the past, local governments there were limited to this role, but now the central government has delegated more functions to the local governments, which has resulted in local governments having more responsibilities than before. Moreover, some of their duties have become more complicated and difficult to manage, e.g., environmental and infrastructural management. The public service of local government can be improved by using various means; the encouragement of ...