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    Influencing factors of tacit knowledge sharing behavior of teachers in colleges and universities based on the theory of planned behavior and knowledge transfer 

    Xu, Ling; Li, Zhongwu (National Institute of Development Administration, 2021)

    Nowadays, China has entered the era of knowledge economy. As the most important resource element for the survival and development of organizations, knowledge is the key source for individuals and organizations to acquire their core competitiveness. As the gathering place of a large number of advanced knowledge and knowledge-based talents, as well as the cradle of knowledge creation and innovation, colleges and universities are the bases of knowledge exchange, knowledge dissemination, knowledge sharing, knowledge application and personnel training, ...
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    Psychological factors and situations related to academic identity of master's degree students 

    Naksit Sakdapat; Duchduen Bhanthumnavin (National Institute of Development Administration, 2018)

    This research was a correlational-comparative study. Its objectives were 1) to identify important predictors and predictive percentage of psychological characteristics and situations related to academic identity and 2) to study direct and indirect influences of situations and psychological traits on academic identity using Interactionism Model as the research framework. This research used multi-stage sampling method. The samples were 451 second-year master students, 193 of whom were male (42.80%) and 258 of whom were female (57.20%). The average ...