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    A causal relationship between strategic human resource development design and employee performance of state enterprises listed on the stock exchange of Thailand 

    Phaitoon Inuthai; Boon-anan Phinaitrup (National Institute of Development Administration, 2021)

    The purpose of this study is to design a structural equation model and to test the confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) in order to explain the effect of strategic human resource development on the employee performance of state enterprises listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Importantly, the review of relevant literature is implemented in order to explore the concept of strategic human resource development (SHRD), aiming at investigating the design of SHRD. It also focuses on exploring the role of job satisfaction and employee commitment as ...
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    Unlocking the "black box" in the talent management employee performance relationship : evidence from the Ghanaian banking sector 

    Mensah, James Kwame; Nisada Wedchayanon (National Institute of Development Administration, 2015)

    Recent years have witnessed ever-increasing focus on the effective management of people that represent special significance to their organisations’ success, and perhaps this has been one of the most important developments in human resource management (HRM). Specifically, talent management (TM) has been the focus and centre of attention of both HRM scholars and practitioners since it entered the managerial lexicon in the 1990s. From the work of the McKinsey consultants, the field of TM has gain much respect and attention across corporate ...