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    International marketing communication: a case study of Thai spa products and services in the United Arab Emirates 

    Alhuda Chanitphattana; Jitraporn Sudhivoraseth (National Institute of Development Administration)

    The objectives of this research, International Marketing Communications: A Case Study of Thai Spa Products and Services in the United Arab Emirates are 1) To study marketing communication between Thailand and overseas in terms of product export and service of spa business in the United Arab Emirates; 2) To study beliefs, cultures, and lifestyle of the Muslim people in the United Arab Emirates; 3) To study satisfaction and expectations of spa users in the United Arab Emirates towards product and service of Thai spa businesses; 4) To study ...
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    The causal model of factors affecting Thai customer loyalty towards e-commerce business 

    Lalita Puangmaha; Patchanee Cheyjunya (National Institute of Development Administration, 2017)

    This research utilizes the mixed method research with the objectives to develop and to examine the consistency between the causal model of factors affecting Thai customers loyalty towards e-commerce business and the empirical data, furthermore to explore the opinions of academics and online marketers in relating to the marketing communication factors influencing Thai customers loyalty to e-commerce business. The research method has been divided consecutively into two parts which are; Part 1: the quantitative research conducting survey methodology ...