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    Actuarial Valuation of Thai Civil Servant Medical Benefit Scheme (CSMBS) in the Next 30 Years 

    Mantana Jadson; Arnond Sakworawich (NIDA, 6/21/19)

    Thai Civil Servant Medical Benefit Scheme (CSMBS) is welfare provided by the government to civil servants and civil servants’ family. In the past, the cost of the Civil Servant Medical Benefit Scheme is higher than other welfare systems, causing the severe government budget crisis. The objectives of this research are to analyze significant factors by using data from population projections of Thai Civil Servant Medical Benefit Scheme of fiscal year 2015 - 2045 as well as disbursement data of civil servant medical costs of 2013 - 2015, and estimating ...
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    Influence of Job Characteristics on Quality of Services Provided by some Postal Offices in Bangkok of Thailand Post Co.,Ltd. in Thailand Post 4.0 Era. 

    Pongwisit Sornchalerm; Pachitjanut Siripanich (NIDA, 10/10/19)

    At present, Thailand Post has many business rivals. One factor that enables the company to compete with rivals is human resource. Thus, the Researcher applies the theory of the 5 aspects of job characteristics and the theories related to service quality as the principles for the examination whether job characteristics have impacts on quality of the counter service or not by using the supervisor/head of the receiving department of  130 post offices in Bangkok, 130 samples in total, to represent their counter service staff to answer questions of ...
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    A Two Sample Test for Mean Vectors with Unequal Covariance Matrices in High–Dimensional Data 

    Paranut Sukcharoen; Samruam Chongcharoen (NIDA, 4/4/19)

    In this paper, we proposed a new testing statistic for testing the equality of mean vectors from two multivariate normal populations when the covariance matrices are unknown and unequal in high–dimensional data. A new test is proposed based on the idea of keeping more information from the sample covariance matrices as much as possible. A proposed test is invariant under scalar transformations. We showed that the asymptotic distribution of proposed statistic is standard normal distribution when number of random variables approach infinity. We also ...