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    New Public Governance for Cultural Tourism: A Case Study Of Chak Phra Festival In Mueang District Suratthani Province  

    Thatchamat Suwet; ธัชมาศ สุเวช; Somsak Samukkethum; สมศักดิ์ สามัคคีธรรม; National Institute of Development Administration. School of Social and Environmental Development; Somsak Samukkethum; สมศักดิ์ สามัคคีธรรม (National Institute of Development Administration, 13/8/2021)

    The objectives of this research are to study the model of new public governance in the case of cultural tourism and to study problems and obstacles in new public governance for cultural tourism of Chak Phra Festival in Mueang District, Surat Thani Province. The qualitative research method was used for the study. Data were gathered by means of in-depth interviews and observations. The results of this study revealed that the Chak Phra festival was organized through the participation of and cooperation between various partners – these were a variety ...