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    English as a lingua franca in ASEAN: a multilingual model 

    Kirkpatrick, Andy (Hong Kong University Press, 2010)

    The role of English as a lingua franca in Asia is increasing exponentially. This book considers the pedagogical and language policy implications of this role of English as a lingua franca throughout ASEAN. A linguistic description of this ASEAN ELF is provided along with a description of the communicative strategies of its users.
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    History without borders : the making of an Asian world region (1000-1800) 

    Gunn, Geoffrey C. (Hong Kong University PressEurospan, 2011)

    With its focus upon East-Southeast Asia, History Without Borders seeks to brings civilization back into the discussion of the fabulous centuries-long global trade in Asian commodities, both rare and everyday, raising a range of questions as to unequal development, intra-regional technological exchanges and advances, as well as the emergence of new Asian hybridities and identities within and without the conventional boundaries of nation-state.
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    Southeast Asian Affairs 2018 

    Cook, Malcolm; Singh, Daljit (ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute, 2018)

    "Southeast Asian Affairs, first published in 1974, continues today to be required reading for not only scholars but the general public interested in in-depth analysis of critical cultural, economic and political issues in Southeast Asia.