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    History without borders : the making of an Asian world region (1000-1800) 

    Gunn, Geoffrey C. (Hong Kong University PressEurospan, 2011)

    With its focus upon East-Southeast Asia, History Without Borders seeks to brings civilization back into the discussion of the fabulous centuries-long global trade in Asian commodities, both rare and everyday, raising a range of questions as to unequal development, intra-regional technological exchanges and advances, as well as the emergence of new Asian hybridities and identities within and without the conventional boundaries of nation-state.
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    New perspectives on the history and historiography of Southeast Asia : continuing explorations 

    Aung-Thwin, Michael.; Hall, Kenneth R. (Routledge, 2011)

    Using a unique "old–new" treatment, this book presents new perspectives on several important topics in Southeast Asian history and historiography. Based on original, primary research, it reinterprets and revises several long-held conventional views in the field, covering the period from the "classical" age to the twentieth century. Chapters share the approach to Southeast Asian history and historiography: namely, giving "agency" to Southeast Asia in all research, analysis, writing, and interpretation.