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    A willingness to pay study of heritage interpretation : a case study of the historic city of Ayutthaya 

    Wiroj Lakkhanaadisorn; Udomsak Seenprachawong (National Institute of Development Administration, 2013)

    In general, the contingent valuation studies applied to the valuation of cultural heritage sites are usually carried out for the purpose of physical conservation. However, to conserve the heritage site sustainably, heritage interpretation is one of the main factors that cannot be neglected. As a result, this study was conducted to elicit the value of the restoration and improvement of heritage interpretation (information board, exhibits, booklets, pamphlets, tourist guide services, etc.) with the selection of the Historic City of Ayutthaya ...
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    Airline's roles for for supporting sustainable tourism development: a case study of Thailand 

    Withep Watawuti; Rugphong Vongsaroj (National Institute of Development Administration, 2017)

    The main objective of this study aims to develop the role of Airline in supporting sustainable tourism development (STD). The specific objectives are: 1) to evaluate current performance of the airline in supporting STD 2) to analyze the factor of passenger’s awareness to STD, passenger’s willingness to supporting STD, passenger’s expectation to STD performance of airline and passenger’s perception to STD performance of airline 3) to compare the difference between passenger’s expectation to STD performance of airline and passenger’s perception to ...
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    A cultural conservation model for sustainable tourism of the Tai Lue Ethnic group in Doi Saket district, Chiang Mai province 

    Manote Nuansara; Kassara Sukpatch (National Institute of Development Administration, 2016)

    The objectives of this research were to examine community development and cultural patterns for tourism of the Tai Lue communities in Doi Saket District, Chiang Mai Province, to develop a local cultural conservation model for sustainable tourism of the ethnic group, and to assess the conservation model of the ethnic group. This qualitative research investigated four Tai Lue villages in the study area, including Luang Nua, Luang Tai, Pa Kha, and San Pong Villages. The key informants included the villagers, representatives from the local state ...
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    Stakeholder participation and the role of local government in local environmental sustainability programs: legitimacy, social capital, and political trust 

    Pornphan Hemaphan; Chandra-nuj Mahakanjana (National Institute of Development Administration, 2016)

    An extensive literature on local environmental sustainability has addressed the importance of governments more broadly, and local governments particularly, in terms of playing a leading role in managing and safeguarding local environmental resources. Nonetheless, there has been very little theoretically-inspired or empirical research that has investigated how local governments should perform the role. Therefore, the major objective of the present study is to explore the role of local government, with respect to stakeholder participation, ...