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    Determinants of antenatal care utilization in Lao PDR 

    Palath Phanthoulack; Saran Sarntisart (National Institute of Development Administration, 2017)

    The healthy state of mother and child is very important and if well-addressed may result in a greater potential in terms of human capital as well as in the labor force. This can further positively affect productivity and the economic growth rate. The purpose of this research is to study the factors influencing its optimal attendance, and to assess how these factors differ between regions. To achieve these objectives, secondary data were obtained from the Lao Social Indicator Survey (LSIS) conducted during 2011-2012 at both the national and ...
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    Determinants of enrollment at secondary and higher level of education in Pakistan 

    Arsha, Iqra; Udomsak Seenprachawong (National Institute of Development Administration, 2018)

    The persistent low enrollment rate at the secondary and higher level of education in Pakistan indicates the failure of the Government to annihilate the illiteracy and ultimately reduce poverty through education. Using annual time series data from the year 1965 to 2015, the study aims to analyze the determinants of the secondary and higher level of educational enrollment of both males and females in Pakistan. The main concentration was on the impact of educational spending by government, number of institutions, GDP per capita to see the healthiness ...
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    Discourse on poverty in Thai politics : a case of PM Thaksin's talk 

    Nipa Geerapatr; Savitri Gadavanij Sangma, advisor (National Institute of Development Administration, 2007)
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    Discursive strategies used in Thai Daily Newspapers : a case of the Government's Water Management News 

    Suhada Heembenson; Savitri Gadavanij, advisor (National Institute of Development Administration, 2012)

    Drawing uponCritical Discourse Analysis CDA his study investigates the discursive strategies used by Thai daily newspapers to present news about the government’s water management. The purposes are to identify discursive strategies employed in the presentation of the government’s endeavor to anage the water crisis in 2011, to find outwhichthe discursive strategy predominates in this presentation and to investigate the functions of these strategies in constructing the public’s image of the government. In all,30 extractsof the government’s water ...
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    Domestic violence and women labor market accessibility: The empirical evidence of Cambodia 

    Sen, Bunthoeurn; Udomsak Seenprachawong (National Institute of Development Administration, 2017)

    While there have been empirical support for women to join in labor force market in order to improve gender equality and social economic development, the empirical study of its spillover effect on the household conflict is still not so many observe and ambiguous. The negative effect of household conflict is strongly on the economic development as it pay with high cost of health care as well as future generation in both education and health care. In Cambodia, the rate of domestic violence is dramatically increasing. Using cross sectional data ...
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    Early childhood education and child development outcomes in least developed countries: empirical evidence from Lao PDR 

    Manivone Phongsopha; Piriya Pholphirul (National Institute of Development Administration, 2017)

    Given the benefits of early childhood education, many countries try to ensure universal accessibility to early childhood education. However, with their limited budgets and chronic poverty, least developed countries face a huge disadvantage in providing access to early childhood education, especially for children of lower income families and those living in remote areas. This study aims to determine how accessibility to early childhood education and child development affects cognitive, learning, physical, and social-emotional readiness. We use ...
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    Effect of double college major (degree) on earning in Lao PDR 

    Houngthida Phetsinorath; Suchittra Chamnivickorn (National Institute of Development Administration, 2019)

    There are few studies on the effect of double major (degree) and most studies concentrate on high income countries (Russell, Dolnicar, & Ayoub, 2008; Del Rossi & Hersch, 2008). These studies have found the positive relationship between double major and employment as well as earning in Australia, Singapore, and U.S. A growing number of Laos students pursue double major. However, double major (degree) actually gives graduates greater employment opportunities and earning than single major graduates has not been fully understood. This study aims ...
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    Engagement 2.0 - could enterprise 2.0 really improve the work engagement of your employees? 

    Keim, Benjamin; Sid Suntrayuth (National Institute of Development Administration, 2014)

    In the last years a new internet technology called Web 2.0 has changed the milieu of internal communication in many organizations and has given rise to what professionals in business context refers to as Enterprise 2.0. This tool has offered different benefits to organizational communication such as employee collaboration and knowledge sharing. However, while these aforementioned advantages have already been thoroughly investigated and practically tested, it is hard to neglect the view that due to the dynamic developments of organizational ...
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    English-Thai translation strategies of similes and metaphors in the merchant of Venice 

    Kawee Suksalee; Ora-Ong Chakorn (National Institute of Development Administration, 2018)

    This study aims to analyze the strategies used in the translation of English similes and metaphors in William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice into the Thai version called Venice Vanich by H.M. King Rama VI based on the frameworks of Pierini’s (2007) translation strategies of simile and Newmark’s (1981) translation strategies of metaphor. Moreover, Baker’s (2011) notions of the problems of non-equivalence at word level and translation strategies for dealing with non-equivalence at word level are employed to analyze the translation of the ...
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    Environmental influences on competence in English as a foreign language : A study of Thai undergraduates at an international university in Thailand 

    Jirada Ueasiriwatthanachai; Kasma Suwanarak (National Institute of Development Administration, 2013)

    This study is designed in an attempt to examine the ideal and the actual university learning environment in relation to English language learning and to investigate the actual environmental influence on the students’ English language competence. This is to understand why a number of Thai university students of English-medium instruction programs are still unable to attain high levels of English proficiency despite engaging in an English-medium education system. An interpretive approach was used to conduct interviews with 10 teachers and 15 ...
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    Exploring casual factors of active sport tourists affecting the revisit intentions to sport event participation in Thailand 

    Kanokwan Phoaroon; Watsida Boonyanmethaporn (National Institute of Development Administration, 2020)

    Sport event is a main driver that generate large proportion of income of sport tourism industry which is a growing sector of global tourism industry. However, it remains relatively untapped research in Thailand. Triathlon event is chosen as a case study for this research as it is becoming very popular in Thailand, yet there is no research being done. The scope of the study has been defined by the following research objectives (1) To access the level of Thai triathletes’ perceptions towards the sport event elements, destination attributes, event ...
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    Exploring factors that influence entrepreneurship of overseas Chinese students: a case study from Thailand 

    Mao, Xiaoxuan; Lee, Yu-Hsiu (National Institute of Development Administration, 2018)

    With the influence of the “The Belt and Road” international environmental trend,The number of Chinese students studying in Thailand is increasing. The behavior of these students is bound to affect the development of countries. So what is the entrepreneurial situation of these students? In this thesis the author first expounds the definition of "entrepreneurship", research and development of "entrepreneurship" in Chinese and foreign academic circles,and the research of factors influencing college students' entrepreneurship. Then analyze the market ...
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    Face recognition using facial attractiveness 

    Sunthorn Kanghae; Ohm Sornil, advisor (National Institute of Development Administration, 2007)
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    Factors affecting work motivation and the influence of work motivation on civil servants' job performance through job satisfaction as a mediator: an evidence from department of home affairs in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam 

    Nhat, Khanh Le; Boon-Anan Phinaitrup (National Institute of Development Administration, 2021)

    This thesis is purposed to identify factors affecting work motivation and then to test the influence of job satisfaction as a mediator on the relationship between work motivation and employee job performance of civil servants working in the Department of Home Affairs in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Literature relating to theoretical background, main key concepts as work motivation, job satisfaction and job performance were reviewed. In the literature review, the conceptualization and definitions of six motivational factors (work conditions, job ...
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    Factors influencing information technology adoption in chinese retailing pharmacy sector: a case study from Huaian city, China 

    Zhang, Su; Chih-cheng Fang (National Institute of Development Administration, 2018)

    In modern society, information technology plays an important role in the field of health care. This study first explored the UTAUT (Unified Theory Acceptance and Use of Technology) to study Chinese Retailing Pharmacy Sector’s IT adoption in new mandatory context. By constructing research model Pharmacy-UTAUT, the author tried to find out the core factors influencing IT adoption, the moderators affecting the strength of relationships between variables and the new model’s explanatory power. Pharmacy-UTAUT incorporates two constructs (attitude and ...
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    Factors influencing service quality of Thai airways international flights 

    Watcharawin Kamkiew; Pairote Pathranarakul (National Institute of Development Administration, 2021)

    The purposes of this research are to analyze factors influencing the service quality of Thai Airways International Flights, to identify key problems related with service quality, and to suggest measures for improving the service quality of Thai Airways International Flights. Based on mixed-method approach, a questionnaire survey of 400 examples from Thai and foreign passengers who had experienced in flying with Thai Airways International Flights (TG) at Suvarnabhumi Airport was conducted during the period of June-July, 2020. Qualitative research ...
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    Genre analysis of written confessions in China's tertiary education : an investigation of moves and cross-cultural variation 

    Yan Zhao; Ora-ong Chakorn, advisor (National Institute of Development Administration, 2012)

    Genre analysis has been established as a relatively mature academic research approach. Constellations of genres have been identified especially in the realms of ESP (English for Specific Purposes) and EAP (English for Academic Purposes). The current study investigates written confessions in China’s tertiary education, which is, to the best of my knowledge, little known to the academic world as a genre. It aims to identify the move patterns of written confessions as a cross-cultural variation and marginalized genre in the specific Chinese context. ...
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    Improving intrusion detection systems using reference vectors 

    Pattree Sidthikorn; Ohm Sornil, advisor (National Institute of Development Administration, 2006)
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    Inclusion of the minority language on public signs: multilingualism in the deep South of Thailand 

    Perapong Suaykratok; Aree Manosuthikit (National Institute of Development Administration, 2018)

    This study of linguistic landscape (LL) aims to describe the urban multilingual practices through signs seen in the southernmost Thai communities with a specific focus on the inclusion of Patani-Malay, a minority language, yet a mother tongue of the majority of people in the areas on public signs. This study also examines people’s perceptions of languages on signs including Patani-Malay. 1,746 photos of text signs were collected from 18 streets in total: 3 main streets and 3 minor streets of each Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat central city. Data ...
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    Individual ambidexterity behavior in organization: the effects of motivation on airline cabin crew 

    Prae Sinanuwong; Charoenchai Agmapisarn (National Institute of Development Administration, 2020)

    Today many airline companies are encountering high competition. Providing excellent service quality can make airline companies more competitive. The lack of the cabin crew’s ambidextrous behavior is the main reason for the business failure of an airline. The objectives of this study were to find the relationship between two types of motivation (intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation), and the relationships between the cabin crew’s ambidextrous behavior and service performance, as well as the moderating roles of emotional exhaustion and ...