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    The causal relationships between cultural intelligence and global mindset among hr practitioners in Thailand 

    Rundee Eiadkaew; Oranuch Pruetipibultham (National Institute of Development Administration, 2016)

    This research mainly explored the causal relationships between two constructs; cultural Intelligence (CQ) and global Mindset (GM) that are important for individual and organization success in this globalized era. Besides the causal relationships between the two constructs which is the first research question, the second research questions was; “what is the CQ level of HR practitioners in Thailand?”, and the third research question was “how do age and gender influence the CQ level among HR practitioners in Thailand?”.
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    A Multi-level study of the antecedent factors of innovation : case studies of Thai small and medium-size enterprises 

    Wichuwan Satsomboon; Oranuch Pruetipibultham (National Institute of Development Administration, 2016)

    In today’s economy, innovation is regarded as an essential tool for the organizations to succeed in the global market. As a result, many organizations are trying to produce innovative products and services to serve the customers’ needs. However, not all organizations have become successful in achieving innovation, and there are a variety of factors that influence creativity and innovation within the firms. Thus, the current study provides a broad understanding of the antecedent factors that foster and impede innovation in Thai small and ...