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    Developing destination safety indicators and strategy for promoting tourists' safety confidence 

    Thanapol Inprasertkul; Rugphong Vongsaruj (National Institute of Development Administration, 2020)

    As safety and security issue is playing an important role to ensure a quality in tourism and is considering as a key factor in tourist’s decision-making process to select a destination, therefore the necessary improvement of safety and security must be considered and implemented. To provide safe and secured perception, a clear understanding of tourists' safety requirements, measures and concerns must be noticed. Then appropriate measures and strategies can be created to serve international tourists. Therefore, this study aims to develop and assess ...
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    Strategies for enhancing true loyalty of airline passengers and employees through customer-oriented service employees: a study of the low-cost airline business in Thailand 

    Ekkarat Suwannakul; Rugphong Vongsaruj (National Institute of Development Administration, 2018)

    Despite the continuous growth in the demand for low-cost airlines (LCAs) in Thailand, airline profits are less impressive than they may seem due to several challenges especially intense competition and price wars, the two key factors likely to have an impact on LCAs’ earnings and competitiveness. Although proactive strategies have been devised to address the issue, they are unable to create sustainability and maintain customer retention. This study employed the concept of customer orientation of service employee (COSE) that could increase the ...