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    The development of data quality audit system 

    Sakda Loetpipatwanich; ศักดา เลิศพิพัฒน์วาณิชย์; Preecha Vichitthamaros; ปรีชา วิจิตรธรรมรส; National Institute of Development Administration. School of Applied Statistics; Preecha Vichitthamaros; ปรีชา วิจิตรธรรมรส (National Institute of Development Administration, 7/1/2022)

    There is much research in the last decade, but researchers have continued to study solutions to the problem of poor data quality but have not been able to deal with it. Due to the leap in information technology advancement causing the transition of the traditional data age to the age of Big Data where information comes from a variety of sources, various types, and there are enormous numbers. This change made data quality management more difficult and complex which cause a lot of labor and time. It also requires knowledge and understanding in ...