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    Employees' Intention to Stay and Leave Analytics: A Case Study of Biscuit and Gum Manufacturing 

    Pongsakorn Luangprasert; พงศกรณ์ เหลืองประเสริฐ; Wuttigrai Ngamsirijit; วุฒิไกร งามศิริจิตต์; National Institute of Development Administration. School of Human Resource Development; Wuttigrai Ngamsirijit; วุฒิไกร งามศิริจิตต์ (National Institute of Development Administration, 12/8/2022)

              The objectives of this study were to 1) to study data which related to employees' turnover and remaining intention 2) to build employees' turnover and remaining intention model. The present study was based on a quantitative research designed. Data was collected by questionnaire from 252 total employees of factory basement, 179 questionnaires were collected. The data collected were analyzed with data mining tool - a decision tree algorithm. The finding revealed that: 1) Most of employees have no turnover intention, 87.15% of employees ...