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    A Cold-start Hybrid Context Recommendation System for Casual Restaurant 

    Pimchanok Patumchat; พิมพ์ชนก ปทุมชาติ; Worapol Pongpech; วรพล พงษ์เพ็ชร; Worapol Pongpech; วรพล พงษ์เพ็ชร (National Institute of Development Administration, 13/8/2021)

    Recommendation systems are used in a variety of industries. The goal of these systems is to identify satisfying selections of items for users. Traditional approaches are classified into several methods, such as Collaborative Filtering and Content-based Filtering. However, significant problems such as scalability, data sparsity, and cold-start are still observed. In this paper, we focused on the cold-start problem for new users. We introduced a hybrid-approach by combining demographic and similarity age functions, together with machine learning ...