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    Analytical integration and data-driven decision making in complementary and alternative medicine 

    Kessara Kanchanapoom; Jongsawas Chongwatpol (National Institute of Development Administration, 2019)

    Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) measures the success of an organization by estimating the net value its customers contribute to the business over the lifetime of the relationship. How can organizations assess their customers’ lifetime value and offer strategies to retain those prospects and profitable customers? The first part of this dissertation offers an integrated view of methods to calculate CLV considering scenarios ranging from finite-and-infinite customer lifetimes to customer migration and Monte Carlo simulation models. In addition ...
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    The role of customer voice in customer evaluation of service recovery 

    Phimai Nuansi; Piya Ngamcharoenmongkol (National Institute of Development Administration, 2018)

    This dissertation builds upon a service recovery framework to establish new perspectives on customer voice in a service recovery context. Specifically, four studies were conducted to determine how to turn customer voice to opportunity in recovering from service failure. The first study provides an integrative review of the literature associated with service failure situations. This study combines two major research streams and proposes the “service failure management process model” to explain the end-to-end process of service failure in six ...