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    Level of civic engagement on facebook and factors and motivations to create civic netizens : case study of assumption university students 

    Ammaritta Rattanapanop; Warat Karuchit (National Institute of Development Administration, 2019)

              The research of Level of civic engagement on Facebook and factors and motivations to create civic netizens: case study of Assumption university students is a quantitative and qualitative research. The researcher uses an experiment on Facebook and in depth interview to find (1) level of engagement (2) factors facilitate university students to become civic netizens (3) motivations facilitating for youth to become civic netizens (4) approach to create civic netizens. The research result demonstrates that (1) Thai youth have low level of ...
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    The comparison of teaching approaches for media literacy: case study of Assumption university student 

    Natcha Sathapornsathit; Warat Karuchit (National Institute of Development Administration, 2018)

    This research presents the comparison between 3 teaching approaches to find the most effective teaching approach and create guideline for choosing teaching approach for media literacy education, to ultimately improve the level of media literacy in Thai youth. The approaches being compared are the 100% lecture-based approach, the 50% lectures-based and 50% activity-based, and the 100% activity-based approach. The 50% lecture-based and 50% activity-based is expected to be the most effective teaching approach.   This research study is an experimental ...
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    The interpretation of music styles among music students in Bangkok 

    Peerawat Tan-intaraarj; Wichian Lattipongpun (National Institute of Development Administration, 2016)

    Human behavior can be influenced by the media through observational learning. Visual and verbal communication act as stimuli that can have a strong impact on the learning process. However, music can be considered a third form of communication, and thus, this research, “The Interpretation of Music Style among Music Students in Bangkok”, has two research objectives: 1) to identify how music tracks can influence music students’ mental imaging and 2) to study how specific behaviors in decision making and mental images are influenced by music ...