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    A structural equation model of business ethics organization culture employee engagement and job performance of flight attendant 

    Jitti Jitklongsub; Chokechai Suveatwatanakul (National Institute of Development Administration, 2019)

    The objectives of this research were to study and verify structural equation model of business ethics, organization culture, employee engagement and job performance of flight attendants. The sample group comprised of premium airlines’ flight attendants. The multiple variables were 10-20 times of observed variables. Since 16 observed variables were set in this research, the sample group size was determined as 20 times of variables. Thus, the appropriate sample group size was at least 320 cases. To ensure that congruence test of empirical data ...
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    The effects of emotional labor and moderating roles of gender, age, and manager emotional intelligence on the job and organizational outcomes: a case study of frontline hotel employees in Phuket, Thailand 

    Siriporn Khetjenkarn; Charoenchai Agmapisarn (National Institute of Development Administration, 2018)

            In the high competition of the hospitality and service industry, hotels are in the process of intensely managing their employees’behavior and emotions, and this can have a detrimental impact on frontline employees’ work attitudes, job performance, and behavior within the organization. In Thailand, there are still pressing questions regarding these issues. The objectives of this study were to examine the relationships among emotional labor, burnout, job satisfaction, turnover intention, and organizational commitment, and to compare the ...