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    The effects of cognitive and non-cognitive skills on earnings : the case of Mueang District, Khonkaen Province of Thailand 

    Jongrak Hong-ngam; Wuttithep Indhapanya, advisor (National Institute of Development Administration, 2011)

    An employment study by Mincer illustrated that earning differentials are directly correlated with the cognitive skills; number of years of schooling, and the number of training sessions they have successfully completed(Mincer, 1958: 281 302). Later, some studies recognized that both cognitive and noncognitive skills are strong forecasters determining schooling attainment and wages. Noncognitive skills affect level of earnings as a latent influence to cognitive abilities (Heckman, Stixrud and Urzua, 2006: 134; Weel, 2008: 729737). Therefore, ...