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    Models Predicting Length of Stay and Readmission among Government Officials 

    Duangkamol Buajumrus; ดวงกมล บัวจำรัส; Arnond Sakworawich; อานนท์ ศักดิ์วรวิชญ์; Arnond Sakworawich; อานนท์ ศักดิ์วรวิชญ์ (National Institute of Development Administration, 13/8/2021)

    This research aimed to study the model predicting length of stay and readmission among government officials’ patients with medical benefits by using negative binomial regression and binary logistic regression. The results found that 1) patient characteristics factors such as age and medical history factors such as length of stay, surgery, medical expenses, hospital level, disease group, and comorbidities and complications were related to the length of stay. 2) Patient characteristics factors such as sex and age and medical history factors such ...