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    Judicial Process and Medical Practice Dispute Resolution in Thailand 

    Kantapong Saengpuang; กันตพงศ์ แสงพวง; Kiarttiphorn Umpai; เกียรติพร อำไพ; Kiarttiphorn Umpai; เกียรติพร อำไพ (National Institute of Development Administration, 7/1/2022)

    Medical practice litigation weakens the relationship between patients and practitioners and leads to self-protective medical treatment. That is, more and more thorough pathological examinations were conducted. The consequence is that the costs of health care system increase accordingly. Studies of judicial process and medical dispute resolution in Thailand address relevant issues, such as causes of errors and potential medical disputes, in order to create an understanding of the medical process that will lead to the study of Thai and foreign ...