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    Legal Problems Condominium Management 

    Thanakrit Thaimee; ธนกฤต ไทยมี; Kiarttiphorn Umpai; เกียรติพร อำไพ; Kiarttiphorn Umpai; เกียรติพร อำไพ (National Institute of Development Administration, 7/1/2022)

    A condominium juristic person can be established by virtue of the Condominium Act B.E. 2522. The Act stipulates that a condominium juristic person must have a condominium juristic person manager who can be either a natural person or a juristic person. In the case where juristic person manager is a juristic person, such juristic person shall appoint a natural person to act on behalf of the juristic person as the manager. The law stipulates that the condominium juristic person has a representative for the management and shows its intent on behalf ...