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    Legal Measures for The Ancient Monuments Preservation 

    Chanajit Ronmai; ชนะจิต รอนใหม่; Bajrawan Nuchprayool; พัชรวรรณ นุชประยูร; Bajrawan Nuchprayool; พัชรวรรณ นุชประยูร (National Institute of Development Administration, 12/8/2022)

    This Master’s thesis aims to study about The Legal Measures for Ancient Monuments Preservation. The research include literature concepts, principles and legal principles of Ancient Monuments Preservation and the authority, As well as problems and obstacles in the Ancient Monuments Preservation from law enforcement. in order to build the right understanding for all sectors to promote and, support the right to participation in the Ancient Monument Preservation. This will lead to a balance between the government section and the people in preserving ...