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    The Study of Character Design and the Use of Signs in Sailor Moon The Animation 

    Chuennapa Thongprasert; ชื่นนภา ทองประเสริฐ; Warat Karuchit; วรัชญ์ ครุจิต; Warat Karuchit; วรัชญ์ ครุจิต (National Institute of Development Administration, 4/6/2021)

    The objectives of this research are to study of character design and the use of signs in Sailor Moon’s  Qualitative Research of author interview from different types of media, Content Analysis collecting data from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal under the copyright of TIGA Company Limited and the interview of people behind animation movie and people who relate to Sailor Moon animation. The result found that the fixed formula that makes Sailor Moon animation become successful and have amount of fans until now can be described by Lunar Model. ...