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    A Study of Thai Political Opinion Trends of Mass Media's Fanpage and Hatred Creating 

    Donrawee Sudphum; ดลระวี สุดพุ่ม; Kullatip Satararuji; กุลทิพย์ ศาสตระรุจิ; Kullatip Satararuji; กุลทิพย์ ศาสตระรุจิ (National Institute of Development Administration, 12/8/2022)

    The purposes of this study were:  to study problem and pattern stating on Thai political news presentation by mass media in Facebook fanpage during election announcement by the NCPO that has hatred creating and opinion trends of mass media’s Fanpage This study was a qualitative research. There were interviews with 2 academic journalists and 2 mass media professionals then analyzed from media news presentation and participation behavior showing opinions of the news receiver on Facebook fanpage of Komchadluek and Voice TV21 for 17 news under the ...