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    The Study of Talent Attraction factors in the Public Sector of Thailand 

    Isaree Petrohchanakitt; อิสรีย์ เพชรโรจนกิตติ์; Juthamas Kaewpijit; จุฑามาศ แก้วพิจิตร; Juthamas Kaewpijit; จุฑามาศ แก้วพิจิตร (National Institute of Development Administration, 12/8/2022)

    "Talent" represents an important component to mobilize and indicate the competitiveness of each country. However, the public sector in Thailand encounters not only the current challenge of the number of Talent but also the future challenge of the loss of Talent due to retirement. Moreover, it is found out that the Thai public sector has been unable to attract talents to join the public workforce. Therefore, this qualitative research was a study of talent attraction factors in the public sector of Thailand. The study explored models of talent ...