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    Reforming the Investigation of Human Trafficking Cases in accordance with Thailand’s Procedures for Human Trafficking Cases Act, B.E. 2559 

    Kraison Meesang; ไกรสร มีแสง; Tanatthep Tianprasit; ธนัทเทพ เธียรประสิทธิ์; National Institute of Development Administration. The Graduate School of Law; Tanatthep Tianprasit; ธนัทเทพ เธียรประสิทธิ์ (National Institute of Development Administration, 13/8/2021)

    The Procedures for Human Trafficking Cases Act, B.E. 2559 (2016) stipulates that the inquisitorial system used in the court consideration, requiring the court to use the investigation idiom of the plaintiff prosecutor to be used as a guideline for the trial. This elevates the status of human trafficking investigation cases to be so important that the court must use it as the main or approach in the trial. However, since the process of the investigation of human trafficking cases is still subject to the Criminal Procedure Code as other general ...