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    ASEAN Framework Agreement on Traditional Knowledge Protection 

    Vivit Vongthip; วิวิธ วงศ์ทิพย์; Wariya Lamlert; วริยา ล้ำเลิศ; Wariya Lamlert; วริยา ล้ำเลิศ (National Institute of Development Administration, 12/8/2022)

    According to the ASEAN Economics Community (AEC) strategies, Traditional Knowledge (TK) is significant role for ASEAN community which supports Intellectual Property system of ASEAN community. It is necessary for all ASEAN member countries, which are the sources of TK, to develop the measure of protection through ASEAN Economic Community Blueprint 2025 and ASEAN Intellectual Property Rights Action Plan 2016-2025. However, each ASEAN member countries possess different legal measures for TK protection. The differences become the problems toward ...