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    Change in Political Culture of Civil Society in Mueang District, Trang Province 

    Thiptida Chaisamut; ทิพย์ธิดา ใจสมุทร; Tanad Kaewjaroenpisan; ถนัด แก้วเจริญไพศาล; National Institute of Development Administration. School of Public Administration; Tanad Kaewjaroenpisan; ถนัด แก้วเจริญไพศาล (National Institute of Development Administration, 12/8/2022)

    The study of the change in the political culture of civil society in Mueang Trang District was aimed to analyze political development in Mueang Trang District and to analyze the opinions of civil society towards the change of political culture. This research also was qualitative research by documentary research, and in-depth interviews with the key informants were 51 people. The results found that the political development at the local levels and national politics have been developed, which in the past Trang Province was the base of the Democrat ...